CAPITAL INVEST will evaluate your Brazilian company or branch, maximizing your return

consultoria avaliação empresas

The valuation of a company is an essential step in both the sale and the purchase of companies.

In the acquisition of a company located in Brazil, the valuation allows to understand not only the return on investment, but also the main risks, as well as the sensitivity of the company’s value to various “scenarios”. Ex: growth, prices, competition, market, economy, etc.

When selling a Brazilian company or branch, the valuation helps not only find a fair value, but also better explain the company’s “synergies” and “differentials”, and thus generate alternatives to obtain a “premium” over fair value.

There are three ways to valuate a company: (i) Discounted cash flow (DCF), (ii) Asset Value and (iii) comparable companies (or multiples). Professional investors prefer the first methodology to evaluate companies in operation.

At CAPITAL INVEST, we normally provide valuation services as part of a broader scope of financial advisory services in the purchase or sale of companies or branches located in Brazil.

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