CAPITAL INVEST provides financial advisory services on the purchase of Brazilian companies in order to maximize return on investment and minimize risks

consultoria compra empresas

Acquiring a company is a decision that must be planned and executed with caution, in order to ensure the creation of value, maximizing the return on investments, and minimizing risks.

Among the reasons that lead to the decision to acquire a company can be: geographical expansion to a new country, market opportunities, growth to achieve economies of scale, lead a market consolidation, synergies, access unique assets such as human capital, know-how, etc.

In the case of the acquisition of a firm in Brazil, the work of an M&A boutique or investment bank includes providing all the financial advisory services the investor will need to acquire a Brazilian project, asset, entity, business group or corporation.

This financial consulting has the dual purpose of optimizing the return on invested capital and reducing risks.

The five typical phases of the acquisition process are as follows:

  • Valuation of the shares of the company for sale.
  • Negotiation of the main items of the acquisition
  • Elaboration of non-binding offer
  • Coordination of due diligence
  • Financial advice during contractual negotiations.

How to select the best target to be acquired in Brazil?

Additionally, we provide a unique pre-acquisition consulting service, the result of more than two decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions: we carry out market studies that allow our clients to focus their scarce financial and human resources on the best Brazilian targets available.

CAPITAL INVEST executives, consultants specializing in buying and selling operating companies, add up to more than R $ 20bn in mergers and acquisitions over more than two decades.

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