We are a M&A Financial Advisory Services Boutique with the following vision, mission and values:


At CAPITAL INVEST, we believe that local knowledge, global perspective and complementary team members are key factors to excel at providing M&A Advisory services.


Providing M&A Financial Advisory Services in Brazil with a global perspective, seeking excellence and full client satisfaction on every transaction.


Transparency. We express what is relevant to the parties we relate with. We only promise what we know we can accomplish, and we always deliver what we promise. Thus we under-promise and over-deliver.

Continuous Improving. We know we are far from being perfect and for this reason we work every day to improve. In practice we work to fully understand the parties we relate with to exceed their expectations; improve our strategy and processes, etc

Long Term. We seek long term relations with the people and entities we relate with. For this reason we seek win-win relations. We are a meritocracy and all our partners, associates, employees and allies are incentivized by the value they add and not only by the numbers of hours worked.

Time. We respect your time and we expect the same from you. For this reason we do the impossible to accomplish what we promise and we prefer to partner with those who: a) accomplish the expectations they generate, and b) do over-the-average efforts to help us accomplish our common goals.

Profitability. We offer our services in niches where we add considerable value and we prefer to be remunerated in a way that ensures that we are keeping a part of this value.

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